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Practical Resources and Tips for Finding Calm During the COVID-19 Crisis

Are you feeling stressed lately? Most likely that's a no-brainer, given the last year and a half we've endured. Despite positive changes in recent months, we still have a long way to go, and most of us are still dealing with a fair amount of tension and overwhelm. We're still stressing about the virus and what it means for our family and doing our best to juggle it all. Even a year later, it feels like a lot. However, finding calm in the storm is crucial right now, for your well-being and for your ability to handle constant stress. Even the CDC has stated that self-care is an absolute must for emotional wellness and overall health. But how can you find a sense of calm when there’s still so much chaos in your home and your community?

If you’ve been trying to find a way to step back and breathe, you can begin by reading through these compassionate and informative resources on building more relaxation into your busy day and creating more calm in your home.

Set Up Stress Sanctuaries in Your Home

Since you’re spending more time at home, you might as well make the best of it! Use these resources to create some relaxing spaces to unwind throughout your home.

Tips for Creating a Relaxing Reading Corner

Transform Your Bedroom into a Relaxation Haven

A Checklist for Clearing Bad Energy from Your Home

Add Simple Stress-Relief to Your Routine

Once you have some calming spaces in your home, you can start to build more relaxation time into your schedule. Here are some simple tips for how to do so without adding more stress.

Chinese Medicine For Stress Relief Might Help You Chill Out, So Here Are 6 Remedies To Try

How to Start a Daily Meditation Practice

Structure Your New Routines for Less Stress

To feel calmer and grounded throughout your days, you need to create some structure when it comes to your routines at home. Here are some tips to help.

How to Work Remotely and Stay Productive

How Parents Can Motivate Students During Distance Learning

Improve Your Sleep With Relaxation Routines

Struggling with sleep when you’re also struggling with added stress can make it difficult to relax. Be sure to use these sleep resources to get the rest you need right now.

Tips for Falling Asleep Faster

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Finding new ways to relax may require thinking outside of the box. Consider these options as ways to enhance your downtime.

Three Unique Ways to Relieve Stress

7 Pilates Benefits You Don't Want To Sleep On

Pilates With Amanda Offers Zoom Pilates Classes

As difficult as it may sound, it’s possible to fit some relaxation into your routine as you ride out the pandemic, and it’s actually essential to your well-being during such a stressful time. So adjust your schedule, change up your home, and do what it takes to find those little moments of calm until it’s time to find a newer normal.

Photo Credit: Unsplash

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