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  • What is Pilates?
    Pilates is a form of mind-body exercise using a floor mat or a variety of equipment. It can dramatically transform the way your body looks, feels and performs by building strength without excess bulk. Pilates elongates and strengthens, improving muscle elasticity and joint mobility. Pilates uses a variety of equipment to assist and challenge clients so that they can achieve maximum benefit from the exercises. These pieces are known as The Cadillac, Universal Reformer, Wunda Chair and Ladder Barrel.
  • Who Benefits from Pilates?
    EVERYONE! Pilates benefits beginners, children, seniors, athletes, dancers, actors....pretty much anyone that is human. It has helped people recover from injuries, combat chronic pain, train for athletic competitions and above all.....get into shape! No matter what your age or condition, Pilates is versatile and gentle enough to help everybody.
  • What Can Pilates Do For Me?
    Pilates facilitates in teaching good posture, body awareness, and graceful movement. It will make you stronger, taller and leaner. It improves flexibility, agility and economy of motion. It strengthens your core like no other exercise regime can. It can be done daily without needing to take a rest day. Pilates has known to even help alleviate back pain as well as other aches and pains. Pilates can be very specific depending on your physical needs. It can be gentle or can it can be vigorous. You will never be too sore to move the next day and you will wake up feeling refreshed and revitalized. It will stretch you and strengthen you all in one lesson. It's the most magical form of exericse there is.
  • Pilates Sounds Hard. Do I have to Be Fit to Do This?
    Great news! You don't have to be fit in order to get fit. Pilates is a low-impact form of exercise. You do not have to be strong and healthy to start Pilates--doing the work will take you to that wonderfully healthy and fit place! Pilates is one of the best ways to get your health and wellness back on track. I can't recommend it enough.
  • Can I Mix Pilates with Weight Training?
    Yes. Many weight-training exercises concentrate on isolating various muscle groups which causes your muscles to "bulk" over time. By incorporating Pilates into your weight training regime you will simultaneously strengthen and lengthen your muscles in a cohesive manner, creating a much more supple power to your other activities.
  • Why should I do Private Pilates Lessons vs. Group Lessons?
    Private lessons allow me to give clients individual attention on trouble spots/things that need to be worked on. It also gives you a chance to learn how to properly execute the exercises, learn how to engage your core in every exercise, as well as figuring out which muscles need to be activated in order to perform the movement correctly. You get undivided attention and a lesson that is specifically catered to your body, needs and desires. Group classes don't focus on YOU. They are generalized workouts for a group of people. Most of the people in the class don't know how to properly execute the moves, and instructors don't usually give enough attention to their students. This is my biggest pet peeve. The result is exactly the opposite of what Pilates was intended to do. In group classes you do what feels good and right, but usually it's anatomically wrong and bad for your body. If you want to make REAL improvements, skip the group classes until you know how to really do Pilates. You will do yourself a HUGE favor in the end. Pilates is about healing our bodies, not hurting them.
  • How Many Lessons Do I need to get Results? ​
    To get the quickest results, I suggest having 2-3 lessons per week. Honestly, even one session per week — done consistently — will provide results, especially in conjunction with other forms of exercise or physical activities. Please realize that everyone is different and will learn at a different rate. The most important thing is to be patient while your body learns a new form of movement and to keep an open mind during the whole process. You WILL reap the rewards of Pilates! I guarantee it. However, Pilates isn't something you can stop doing and think the benefits will last. It needs to become part of your lifestyle. If you want the benefits to make a true lasting change in your body, well being, and life, then it should become PART of your life.
  • What are your Cancellation Policies?
    I have a 24-hour cancellation policy for all lessons. Less than 24-hour notice will result in a full charge for the missed session. Sometimes people will try to get away with not being charged. Please don't put me in an awkward position and make me feel bad for charging you. This is not a punishment. This is a business just like any other. If you missed a doctor appointment in less then 24 hours, they would charge you. So understand why I must do the same.
  • What Should I Wear?
    I recommend that you wear comfortable clothing that will allow you to move freely. Stay away from baggy clothing if possible so that I can see how your muscles are engaging. No shoes are required – be prepared to work out in socks! Regular socks or sticky socks are fine. Sticky socks are preferred because of the gripping on the soles.
  • How Long Will It Take Till I See Results?
    to put it simply, Joseph Pilates said, “In 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 you will see the difference, and in 30 you will have a whole new body.” It happend to me. It will happen to you. Consistency, practice and dedication are the key to lasting change.

if you have any other questions that I haven't answered, please feel free to email me! 



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