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What is Private/Group Zoom Pilates?

What is Private/Group Zoom Pilates?


Now that enclosed spaces and gyms are considered a high risk activity due to COVID-19, I am offering clients the opportunity to practice Pilates in the comfort of their homes. 


There is no reason to stop working out and practicing Pilates during this time. Even if you don't have access to all the classical apparatus, practicing Pilates in the safety of your home has the same positive and life changing benefits that the equipment has. In fact, the mat is just as powerful as the apparatus and the transformations i've witnessed are remarkable. We use a variety of props/items that you have at home and work together to create a comprehensive Pilates plan that will get you the results you are seeking. You’ll learn creative ways to turn your at-home living space into your own personal Pilates studio! 


How Does it Work? 


All you need is a working computer, tablet or phone with a camera and a space that fits a yoga/Pilates mat. We will do lessons through zoom or FaceTime, whichever works best for you. It’s as simple as that! 

How long are lessons? 


Each session lasts 60 minutes. 

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