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13 Tips for Practicing Pilates Safely at Home

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Pilates can be a great form of exercise but doing it during the pandemic creates some unique challenges. For those that are new to Pilates, learning at home can be difficult. Additionally, some of the most beneficial classes involve specialized machines that most people don’t have at home. Luckily, there are ways to do Pilates safely during the pandemic in the comfort of your home.

Q1: How can I practice Pilates at home if I’m a new student?

A1: Connect with your local studios for guidance or choose one that feels like the right fit for you even if they are across the country! Covid has given us a unique opportunity to work with instructors and studios that we wouldn’t normally get to work with because of location. Take this as an opportunity to work remotely with your favorites! They will help make sure you have the right basic gear to get started.

1.Try Pilates With Amanda for personalized sessions and online classes.

2. For seamless video streaming, you’ll need a powerful connection to the internet.

3. Learn what to look for when shopping for Pilates gear for the home studio.

4. Adding equipment to your home workout area can boost fitness sessions and make them more versatile.

Q2: What safety precautions should I take at home when I’m practicing Pilates?

A2: Stick to mat-based online classes if you’re new to the practice or book a private online lesson with a seasoned instructor to help guide you through a routine that will prevent any injuries and keep you within your physical abilities. Private lessons ensure you’re being safe while practicing proper form and keep you accountable with your regime.

5. A well-chosen mat keeps you comfortable throughout your workout.

6. Look into videos that enhance your home workout like Pilates with Amanda’s Youtube Channel.

7. Explore the dos and don’ts of safe workout practices.

8. Proper hydration is a must, so keep a quality water bottle handy.

Q3: If I haven’t practiced in a while, how can I keep my body safe from injury?

A4: Take it slow and build up some base fitness again before launching into harder classes.

9. Explore how to safely transition back into an exercise routine.

10. Read some beginner-friendly Pilates tips.

11. Learn why going slowly is recommended for practicing Pilates.

12. Work with a seasoned pro like Pilates with Amanda to ensure your doing what’s right for your body

13. There are a few things your Pilates teacher might like you to know.

Whether you’re brand new to Pilates or a seasoned enthusiast, there are ways to stay safe and fit during this uncertain time in the world. While it’s still risky to be in your local gym or studio, working out at home is a great way to stay fit and in shape. Be sure to follow these tips to practice safely and get back on track with your fitness. Book your next session with Pilates With Amanda today!

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