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A Postural Crisis in the Workplace

In today's day and age, the seated professional is in a postural crisis. Yes, we all know that cradling the phone between our shoulders and neck, or leaning over the keyboard to type is bad for us but we do it anyway. The fact is that knowing better doesn't always translate into DOING better. 

These strained postures often result in muscle stiffness and tightening, which leads to debilitating pain and, we stop moving our bodies.  BAD IDEA! By giving into the pain, we cause even more stiffening, further tightening and more severe back pain. It's a vicious and debilitating cycle. So...let's take a minute and do a quick Posture ID. Look at the list below. Use the Posture ID descriptions I've created and see how you shape up. 



 What shape are you in while reading? Take a few moments to assess your natural seated position. 

THE SHIFTER: You can't sit in the middle of the chair because you are constantly shifting positions from one side to the other. No position is ever neutral or comfortable.  THE LEANER: You never sit completely straight. Your head, neck and spine are floppy and fluid while the bottom half stays stable.  THE ROUNDER: You sit bent at mid-chest level. Your spine appears to be shaped like the letter 'C.' THE SLOUCHER: You have a tendency to bend at the lower back from a lazy lumbar spine.  THE NECK-CRANER: You constantly stretch your neck out of alignment by doing things like holding a phone to your ear.  THE STRAIGHT SITTER: You sit balanced in the seat, spine erect; head held high with hips and shoulders in a neutral position. Most often, you are the one with a smile on your face and a positive outlook on life ;) 


Having knowledge and mind-body awareness is the first step to lifelong change. Once you've figured out your Posture ID, watch my youtube video on POSTURE 101. You will learn how to adjust your sitting so you're properly aligned while you work.  

Cheers to ridding ourselves of aches and pains!

Till next time :) 

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