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How to Feel Younger, Healthier, and More Beautiful From the Inside Out

According to Ivona Percec, MD, PhD of Penn Medicine, there are some steps you can take today to slow the aging process and prevent wrinkles, age spots, stretch marks, and other skin conditions from appearing over time. From exercising and eating a well-balanced diet to taking care of your skin and reducing stress, these seemingly simple strategies courtesy of Pilates with Amanda can help you to feel younger, healthier, and more beautiful from the inside out.

To learn more about slowing the aging process and feeling your best from the inside out, check out these tips!

Nourish and Protect Your Skin

Whether you’re starting to notice fine lines, wrinkles, loose skin, or sore joints — or you’re trying to stay one step ahead of the aging clock — there are several things you can do to nourish and protect your body’s largest organ. We recommend looking to the following skincare solutions:

● Primers, tinted moisturizers, setting sprays, and bronzers that protect skin from environmental dangers.

● Primers, tinted moisturizers, setting sprays, and bronzers that protect skin from environmental dangers.

Vitamins and supplements like biotin, cystine, and vitamin A.

Before taking any new dietary supplement, be sure to talk to your doctor — especially if you’ve been diagnosed with one or more medical conditions and take prescription medications. Vitamins and supplements can certainly offer benefits, but it’s important to be aware of any risks or adverse drug reactions that could occur.

Wearing comfortable and well-fitting clothes is another way to protect your skin. This includes going with bras without underwire, for example, and other clothing items made of non-irritating fabrics. Check out DavyPiper, which offers a range of items made of super-comfy materials like terrycloth and Rayon of bamboo.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

In addition to nourishing and protecting your body’s largest organ with skin-loving products, vitamins, and supplements, a healthy weight, well-balanced diet, and regular physical activity can help you to look and feel younger, healthier, and more energetic — no matter your actual age.

According to Esther Crain of, regular exercise offers an array of benefits like weight loss, soft and glowing skin, improved posture and flexibility, increased metabolism, reduced belly fat, and a happier outlook on life. However, certain anti-aging foods like avocados, blueberries, green tea, salmon, and sardines can help you to maintain a healthy weight and feel more youthful from the inside out.

To help you lose weight and keep it off, a fitness tracker or smartwatch could be just the tool you need to stay motivated, track your progress, and keep yourself safe whenever you exercise. Some of these devices can detect falls, monitor heart rates, and even call for emergency services when needed. And while a smartwatch certainly isn’t mandatory to your workout routine, some models make it easy to access apps, make phone calls, play music, and track daily activities.

Reduce Stress

Nothing will make you age quicker than stress and anxiety. Fortunately, there are ways you can relieve stress. Mindful meditation and yoga can have a calming influence on your life as you spend time focusing on breathing with purpose. Look for opportunities to laugh more often whether you’re socializing with friends or watching your favorite TV show.

You can also alleviate anxiety by creating a more positive space at home. When you let more light into your house, declutter, and clean, you can give your mood a boost. Search online for “window cleaning near me” and outsource the work to a pro who will use the best cleaning products to do the job quickly and affordably. The average cost for professional window cleaning ranges from $2 to $7 per pane of glass, so the overall expense will depend on the size and how many windows are done.

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re 30, 40, or well into your 70s, these simple yet effective strategies will prevent you from looking and feeling older than you really are. By nourishing and protecting your skin, obtaining plenty of physical activity, eating a variety of anti-aging foods, maintaining a healthy weight, and lowering your stress, you’ll feel healthier, younger, and more beautiful in the skin you’re in.

Amanda of Pilates with Amanda is a certified health coach whose clients have a truly life-changing experience by improving their physical health, mental health and overall holistic wellness. Reach out today for more info! 917-650-0808

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