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Moving For Health in The New Year

A new year is a chance to become "a new you." That is why so many people decide to start exercising once January rolls around. New years are a great reason to inspire change in our lives, especially after the holiday season when we've eaten way too much and moved way too little. can we turn these New Years resolutions into lasting habits that continue throughout the year? Life is busy, hectic, overwhelming and stressful. Some of you might dread the idea of working out. I felt that way for most of my life, until I found the type of exercise I truly enjoy doing (aka Pilates). I never wanted to workout, no less be seen in a gym. And guess what?! Exercise is no longer a chore but something I love and am passionate about. Well, let me be clear, I don't like ALL exercise, I just like Pilates, and I'm okay with that. You will never see me at Crossfit or SoulCycle. I will never lift 50 pound weights or bike cross country, but I have abs of steel and am stronger than most people I know. Different strokes for different folks and Pilates is the type of exercise that makes me happy. What type of physical activity makes you excited and motivated?

Developing a regular exercise routine that suits your fitness style will not only increase your energy, but it will improve your mood and help make your chosen activity both enjoyable and sustainable.

Did you know that being physically active (no matter what that means to you) can increase your lifespan, reduce risk of infections due to a strengthened immune system, help promote a healthy BMI, reduce your risk of cancer, decrease your risk of diabetes and increased insulin sensitivity and improve sleep quality?

I know it can be hard to get started when you are out of a groove, but that's why you need to find the routine that works for you. The options are endless! Take up dancing or stroll through the park, play a game of tennis, go for a run! Try Pilates! Life is about trying new things and sometimes those are the most rewarding endeavors of our lives. I encourage you to discover your 2019 form of physical activity and stick with it. It will become part of your life...and that, my friends, is a resolution worth celebrating.

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